Anik Das

Anik Das

swe @ chronicle in India, He/Him


swe @ chronicle ✦ google summer of code '22 @ sugar labs

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2022 — 2023

● Wrote 2 extensions for the TipTap text editor to unite and maintain common usage scenarios
● Streamlined and cleaned up core SDK features for improved code health and increased utility
● Debugged and fixed multiple P0 bugs related to real time sync and collaboration
● Shipped 2 hotly user requested features in the block creation experience
● Setup brand page, analytics and registration flow for the landing page which
receiver over 20,000 total page views in the first week after launch

2022 — 2022

• Optimized production build leading to a 10%+ reduction in final bundle size
• Migrated a create-react-app project to a custom Webpack 5 project with cleanly separated development and production configs
• Configured development environment with Hot Module Reloading, Type Checking Logs and Linting Logs for an improved development experience
• Setup Continuous Integration with unit and e2e tests on pull request to improve stability

2021 — 2022
  • Delivered the frontend to the Recruiter platform with Vue & Vuetify, in use by 5+ companies
  • Utilized protocol buffers and gRPC-web to communicate with backend
  • Handled dependency upgrades of the Vue ecosystem to newer versions, reducing development build time by 15%
2021 — 2021
Software Engineer Intern at Shipdeck Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Configured a CI/CD pipeline with AWS Codepipeline to build, test and deploy NestJS Backend in a Docker
    container on AWS ECS.
  • Created multi-stage docker images to reduce deployment time by 10%.
  • Set up EC2 application load balancer, monitoring and network logging of API
  • Bootstrapped and set up a NestJS backend, maintained docker images and automatic database migrations
    to reduce wastage of development time
2020 — 2021
  • Engineered Math Typing and Coding Support on a whiteboard for an existing video conferencing solution
    based on Meteor.js and React.js (BigBlueButton) for 5+ local teachers
  • Developed Nuxt.js websites to showcase 2 products and configured Google Analytics on the websites


2021 — 2022

• Integrated online/offline status of a user in a WebSocket based chat server.
• Improved website loading speed and Lighthouse scores by 15%.

Side Projects


A home for the stuff I've built. WIP.